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Thursday, August 11, 2005

Ferris star wonders what's right with peace, love and understanding

The "Ferris Bueller's Day Off" scene stealer said those who wear body armor in 100-degree weather in Iraq are the real stars.

Stein said that Hollywood stars such as Al Franken and Barbra Streisand, who are unhappy with the United States, should leave - in fact, Stein said he would pay for their U-Hauls.

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Ferris's influence lives on

They're being called the Kutztown 13 -- a group of high schoolers charged with felonies for bypassing security with school-issued laptops, downloading forbidden Internet goodies and using monitoring software to spy on district administrators.

From AP at ABC13

Sadly, the story goes on to say that there is no evidence that they altered their grades. No sign of a Korg synth either.

Thursday, August 04, 2005

Time travel tips

Oh, the '80s.

Madonna. Mix tapes. Top Gun. Shoulder pads. Big hair. Ferris Bueller. Prince and The Revolution (pre-weird symbol). The DeLorean. Smurfs.

If you were too young or too dweeby to take it to the max back then, some small part of you wishes you could turn back time and find a way to relive that decadent decade. This is your ticket.

From food and clothes to cartoons and concerts, this is the recipe for an everything-'80s weekend. Take these tips straight-up or put your own spin on them -- just don't get too wrapped up.

"We can't actually become the '80s," said TV personality Mo Rocca, who appeared on VH1's I Love the 80s and I Love the 80s Strikes Back. "We have to maintain some sort of distance so that we can actually believe that we live in a better world."

From Sam Sessa on the Detroit Sun

Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Reaganite Anti-Heroes Are Cool

Nice to get some feedback:

"he's a Reaganite antihero and God bless him!

perfect characterization of high school in the 80s.


writes Ihateferrisbueller reader j----n r--------z. Send more to ihateferrisbueller@gmail.com

Now, does J. mean that's a good thing, or that ferris need's God's help?

Thursday, July 21, 2005

Ferris Bueller-a-gram

Spotted on the web
"A kid dressed as Ferris Bueller comes to your school on your birthday to give you a "Day Off" you won't forget!

This is a service that can be booked by your parents, or schoolfriends. It is pre-arranged with the school so they know what is happening, surprisingly they are cool with it.. "Ferris Bueller" and his mate "Cameron" arrive at your school and takes you out driving round in a Ferrari, Drinking beer and leering at women etc... The school principal pretends to be mad at you and pretends to try and catch you out....The best Birthday Ever (For a 14 year old kid)!!?"

Minimal, Jul 13 2005

Wednesday, May 04, 2005

Ferris's influence remains as strong as ever

What do you do when you're off sick in Tucson, Arizon (wasn't that where Chandler went in Friends)? Well, you can't make it to a fancy restaurant, but you can visit Oregano's Pizza Bake?

There's an art gallery in there, too. But no Ferraris, I think!

Get well soon, Ms Nannini!

Monday, May 02, 2005

Have we been to hard on him?

A reader writes: "aww... i hate the real world, but i love FERRIS! lol...-c- (i dont have a blogger account)".

IHateFerrisBueller blushes slightly in shame and doesn't want to rain on anyone's parade, but that's the problem with Ferris - it's not escapism but an 80s' projection of the future!

Thursday, April 28, 2005

If you hate the Real World, know you know why!

"Everyone has heard of one of the most popular rated reality television show, The Real World, and every season, thousands of people try-out to become one of the legendary "characters."

Sacred Heart offered the chance of a lifetime by hosting an open call audition to become involved in reality television. Students waiting to audition came dressed to impress ranging from girls in skirts and high heeled shoes, to guys wearing ties and collared shirts.

They were given a questionnaire to fill out, and a number which would entitle them to a 60 second audition, and, if the casting agents consented, the person would then obtain a second interview.

After the initial speech, Wallack then introduced the guest speaker, Ace from The Real World, Paris season. Ace walked out casually wearing a pair of jeans and a green t-shirt, (which he later revealed to be his favorite color), and a baseball hat with the letter A on the top.

Jen Pasqua, a freshman from Stamford, said, "The Real World, is one of my favorite shows, it was great to see one of the cast members up close!"

Ace began his presentation with telling the crowd about himself pre- Real World. He discussed his time at Georgia Southern University, his participation in his fraternity, his family, friends, ex-girlfriends and career accomplishments.

Following his discussion, he had a question and answer session, where he roused the audience to ask any type of question they wanted, including the dirt from behind the scenes on The Real World, or even a similar show with past cast members, titled Real World/Road Rules Challenge.

Questions ranged from what his favorite color was to his dating status. Another popular topic was the outcome of publicized hook-ups between cast members, including the ones he participated in.

However, essential questions (for potential reality cast members) such as what he regretted most, and his thoughts on his portrayal were also asked. His responses were short and sweet, and also very comical.

After several questions, the presentation came to an end, and Ace was polite enough to engage with the audience with a meet and greet. Students waited on line to introduce themselves, and even have their pictures taken with him.

When asked for a quote, Ace quoted his hero Ferris Bueller, "Life moves pretty fast, if you don't stop and look around for a while, you could miss it.""
From SHU Spectrum